Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Vinoteca Private Dining Night

Suggested Date: Saturday 24th March 2012

The following people have shown as being interested. Please feel free to add yourself to the list:

Those in bold have given me my word that they are definately attending since I announced the date. Apologies for those who ahve told me they are definately going but I've forgotten!

Date: Saturday 24th March
Time: 2000
Venue: Vinoteca, St.John Street, Farringdon, EC1M 4AA
Cost: £50 per head for head and wine (although I'm sure that as soon as they realise how much we drink they might impose a limit!)


Salt-Baked Celeriac, Pickled Red Onion, Jerusalem Artichoke & Aioli
Foie Gras & Duck Liver Parfait, William Pear & Hazelnut
Devonshire Crab Salad, Quinoa, Corriander & English Raddish
Selection of Spanish Cured Meats, Almond & Olives
* * * * *
Slow-Roasted Scottish Beef Rib with Potato Gratin, Watercress, Bearniase & Horseraddish Sauces
* * * * *
Hot & Cold Chocolate Mousse

Potential attendees (minimum 10)

  • Steve Barrett
  • Ali Clark
  • Fred Pearce
  • Meg MacDonald
  • Mitch Fernandez
  • Jillian Hawker
  • Alastair Hegarty
  • Rachael Morris
  • Kathleen Murphy
  • Xavier Carroll
  • Andrew Davies (Brockley)
  • Alexandra Bono
  • Lucy Arnold

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