Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Teams for 25th January:

Hi people,

Sorry I've been a bit slack this week.

Based on people who have got back to me the teams are:

The Awful Dodgers
  1. Steven Barrett
  2. Alexandra Bono
  3. Sean Broughton
  4. Brandon Davis
  5. Steph Foster
  6. John Murray
  7. Fred Pearce
  8. TBC
  9. TBC

v Dodge Monkeys
v The Artful Dodgers
v Cojones

The Really Awful Dodgers
  1. Ali Clark
  2. Andy Davies
  3. David Jackson
  4. Jill Hawker
  5. Alastair Hegarty
  6. Kathleen Murphy
  7. Xavier
  8. Steff Williams
  9. TBC
v Cojones
v Los Dogatadors
v The Artful Dodgers

Monday, 9 January 2012

New Season..New Players

Hi Kids,

At present the fixture list still hasn't been published. What I do know is that both teams are playing and that a couple iof you can only make certain start times. therefore we'll have to mix the teams about.

So far I've got.

The Awful Dodgers: Start time 1900

  • Steven Barrett
  • Alexandra Bono
  • Will Cheverton
  • Richard Djaelani
  • Steph Foster (debut)
  • John Murray
  • Sarah Tessier
  • Tom Stubbs (early) or Brandon Davis (late)
  • TBA

v Team Merdeboite
v Los Dodgatators
v The Really Awful Dodgers

The Really Awful Dodgers: Start Time: 1915
  • Ali Clark
  • Andy Davies (doubtful)
  • Alastair Hegarty
  • Kathleen Murphy
  • Xavier Mince Pie Champ
  • Simon Obee
  • Sarah Slocombe (debut)
  • Steff Williams
  • Tom Stubbs (early) or Brandon Davis (late)

v Cojones
v Scared Hitless
v The Awful Dodgers