Monday, 28 February 2011

Look Mum I'm on Youtube and I'm not even getting happy slapped by a hoodie!

David's been working very hard to put an advert together for Dodgeball UK and it looks great! Some of us even star in it!
Can I ask people to help spread the word of David's good work by publishing it on Facebook, Twitter or any dubious chat rooms you might use.
Luckily the filming was done on a week when we actually won some games and not the week we got mugged by Any Given Thursday.
Don't get me started on that!

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Archive: 2010 First Season results

Week 1: 9 September
No Fixtures

Week 2: 16 September
v The Jammie Dodgers Won 2-0
v The Opium Addicted China Men Won 2-0
v Can’t Dodge This  Won 2-0

Week 3: 23 September
v Bad Balls Lost 0-2
v SWAT Lost 0-2
v Jammie Dodgers Lost 1-2

Week 4: 30 September
No Fixtures

Week 5: 7 October
No Fixtures

Week 6: 14 October
No Fixtures

Week 7: 21 October
v Ausweichan Kugel Lost 0-2
v Dick 'n' Balls Lost 0-2
v Ausweichen Kugel Lost 1-2

Week 8: 28 October
No Fixtures

Week 9: 4 November
v Bad Balls Won 2-1
v SWAT Lost 0-2
v Opium Addicted China Men Won 2-1

Week 10: 11 November
v Dick 'n' Balls Won 2-0 (Walkover)
v Can't Dodge This Won 2-1

Week 11: 18 November
One Set Wonder night -
v First Timers Won 1-0
v The Hothams Won 1-0
v Danger Moose Draw
v De Capita Lost 0-1

v Danger Moose Won 2-1
v  First Timers Won 2-0
v SWAT Lost 0-2

v Ball Busters Lost 0-2