Tuesday, 15 November 2011

I'm Dreaming of a White (Goodman) Christmas.......aka Kyla and Tom's Farewell.

Hi guys,

You must have been so amazed by my own idea for a Christmas fancy dress for the Awful Dodgers that you felt embarrassed to submit your own ideas. As a result we're going with...

CATCH IT, CRATCHIT as our team name.

The theme is.....Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol.

In keeping with The Awful Dodgers I can happily donate any of our flat caps and scarves to the cause.

The team line-up will be:

  1. Bob Crachitt
  2. Tiny Tim Crachitt (anyone got any crutches?)
  3. Mr Fezziwig
  4. Mrs Fezziwig
  5. Ghost O'Christmas Past
  6. Ghost O' Christmas Present (come as a Christmas Present)
  7. Ghost O'Christmas to Come (scary ass dude)
  8. Jacob Marley
  9. Ebeneezer Scrooge
Plyer confirmed so far:

  • Steven Barrett - Scrooge
  • Simon Obee - Jacob Marley
  • Kyla Winter
  • Tom Stubbs
  • Sarah Tessier - Tiny Tim
  • Will Cheverton
  • Sean Broughton
  • David Jackson
  • Rachael Morris
  • Alastair Hegarty
  • Jill Hawker
  • Richard Djaelani
  • Sarah Slocombe (new player)
  • Kathleen Murphy (new player)
  • Xavier (Kathleen's partner) (new player)
The details are:
£90 per team, group stages then knockout
Prizes for best dressed team, competition winners + more
Annual Mince-Pie eating competition + silly games

So that's £10 each if we get 9 players.

Drinks afterards in Ladywell/Lewisham at the Ravensbourne Arms?Here's some inpsiration for the costumes:

Bob Cratchit

Tiny Tim

The Fezziwig's

Ghost of Christmas Present

Ghost of Christmas Past

Scrooge and the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come


Monday, 14 November 2011

Team for Wednesday 16th November - Bar Kick 1830

Last week of the season for The Really Awful Dodgers with some bonus games. Unless we screw it up and finish in 5th place.

We do have the opportunity to have an influence on who makes finals night also and help Andy Davies favourite team The Honey Badgers.

We don't start straight away but let's meet up for one last time this season. Bar Kick 1830.

  1. Ali Cark
  2. Andy Davies
  3. Raphael Emerich
  4. Mitch Fernandez
  5. Jill Hawker
  6. Alastair Hegarty
  7. David Jackson
  8. Rachael Morris
  9. Simon Obee
v The Dodgebetweeners (Won 1, Lost 1)
v Magic (Won 1, Lost 1)
v Team Merdeboite (Won 1, Lost 1)

plus 2 wooden wrench play offs if we finish in the bottom 3.

See you then

Up for grabs!

Typo of the week!

We've been proud to include Brockley Bags' excellent logo on the back of our new shirts this season. You may even call it a sponsor.

However do we want to be associated with the 'filth' Simon has been posting on social network site Twitter?
...some of us probably do!

Simon claims the reason for this magical typo was because he is still trying to get to grips with posting from his new phone. Either way I've volunteered myself for the Braxfield Road grocery run on Saturday morning ;-)

Simon Obee (@Brockley_Bags)
12/11/2011 14:24
Look at all the vag I picked up at @BrockleyMarket yfrog.com/h75zfmpj

Wonderful. It made my Saturday. Thanks Simon!

Bored at work? Dare you click the link to the picture attached?......trust me its perfectly innocent.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Match Reports: Wednesday 19th October 2011

According to Wikipedia:
Man flu is a pejorative term that refers to the idea many men, when they have a cold, exaggerate and claim they have the flu — the implication being that women do not do so.

It also states that there has been some scientific research that supports this theory.

Upon further investigation however the theory becomes a lot more shaky:

Here comes the science bit!
 "The study had nothing to do with the flu (the experiment was related to bacterial , not viral, infection) and was performed on genetically modified mice rather than human beings, so the results are not necessarily applicable to humans."
To further counter the term I'd like to submit this weeks team-sheet as evidence debunking this theory. Both teams were very strong in terms of lads available. Proving that the males in the squad were definitely not mice, but men!

The girls on the other had were low in numbers due to sickness and work commitments. So much so that there wasn't a single 'first team' girl available to us. Vara was being thrown straight into the first team, black-eye and all and Jill and Rachael were having to double up for both teams.

First up were the Really Awful Dodgers. Making his debut for the 'reserves' was your truly who would no doubt he blamed for any cessation for the recent upturn in form!

v JustDodging (justgiving.com)

Our previous encounter with JustDodging resembled bullying made acceptable by organised sport when their team of young girls where quickly dismissed off court for The RAD's FIRST EVER WIN.
However, the team lining up this week had a substantial increase in Y chromosomes amongst them, and sporty ones at that! A match that was pencilled in as a 'definate 3 points' quickly slid away from the team and it looked like we were in for another long hard evening of defeats.

Result: The Really Awful Dodgers 0 JustDodging (justgiving.com) 0

v Team Merdeboite

After my disastrous performance in our last match when I tried to lead from the front and was 'cut up' by Andy Davies and eliminated pretty quickly I decided it was time to sit back and provide a reliable anchor for the rest of the team to express themselves. It clearly had an effect. TM are a typical mid-table side. Brilliant one set, wiped of the court in seconds the next. Just like us. Which team would have the extra desire to win through? It was time for someone to stand up and be counted. In his second outing for the team Richard Banks was again proving that he's one of the squads strongest all-rounders. A decent arm, a few catches and an increasing tactical awareness had steel to the RAD's spine. Thank God for that as well because I definitely remember after having ruthlessly eliminated one of their girls at close range I tried it again when their other lady and only succeeded in throwing a catch straight into her arms. Rich kept us (and got me back in the game) but it was time for someone else to step up and finish the job.
The player was Jill who was delighted to finish off their last player with one of those lightning shots to the ankles with the small ball that are so feared by even the most grizzled Dodgeballer. Huge congrats to Jill.

Result: The Really Awful Dodgers 2 Team Merdeboite 1

v Magic

Looking at the league table and previous form this match was only going to end one way. Defeat. However, if rumours were true. Magic were one of the chief offenders in last weeks 'Mikegate' furoe and judging by the unfamiliar looking team line up (some of them didn't have team shirts...shock!) it looks like some of their more 'combative' players had got the message that their behaviour wasn't welcome at Dodgeball UK.
They'd already suffered a couple of uncharacteristic defeats earlier in the evening and it was clear that the replacements weren't up to scratch. However they still had enough in the locker to provide a stiff test.
During the course of the match their quality was enough to secure one set and their new players enough to cost them the other. With the final decider just about to start I was delighted to see that one of their players with a decidedly easy throw to catch was on the court.
Despite my shouts across court that 'the guy in the blue t-shirt is catchable' he continued to through lose balls that were just waiting to be snaffled up. He really should listen to the opposition or had be been completely psyched out?
After one of his throws was comfortably taken by myself Magic were still fighting hard and had catchers of their own who managed to get 'our man' back on court.
With a ball in my hand ready to kneel down and defend I noticed he was about tho throw again.Sure enough it was in the air and around head height. Throwing my ball away I leapt like a goalkeeper taking a cross to turn the numbers around. Which is amazing...because when I played in goal for my school I was hopeless at coming out for crosses.
The job still needed to be finished at it was an exponent of the egg-chasing team game who sealed the match. It was even sides and nearly sudden death when, up close and in the front lime (row) the ball was thrown at Andy D's legs.
Like any good prop forward Andy crouched, paused and engaged the ball taking a solid low catch.
Andy clearly thought it was a match winner which was clearly evident in his celebrations.
Luckily Andy's jump for joy was enough to evade a through from their remaining team member who realised there was still time on the clock.
Phew...an excellent result proving The Really Awful Dodger's are no longer the league mugs.

Result: The Really Awful Dodgers 2 Magic 1

With barely time to catch their breath Rachel and Jill were pressed into action in the Premier League. How would they fare?

A late team change saw Vara's boyfriend ash pressed into action for the first team. How would having two complete rookies and no girls with any Premier league experience affect the team?

The Awful Dodgers

v Jammie D's - The original

Going into this match after four seasons our record against the Jammie Dodger's read:
Played 8 Won 4 Lost 4

The JD's are probably the closest to us in terms of experience and ability. One week they can be awesome. the next week they will lose all of their games. Either way our matches are always fiercely contested with a great deal of sportsmanship.
There was still nothing to separate the sides after two sets and with both of their star players on court Christina Wong and some guy called Camel Tow we were in for a tough ride. Judging by a weakened side they put out in their next game it was clear they were targeting our fixture as a must win.
Into the final set it looked like the gamble had paid off. They were up in numbers and seemingly counting down to victory.
If you cast your mind back to our last match against the Jammie D's it was once again Richard Djaelani who turned the tide in the last match. Fellow baldy Christian Mills must now see Richard in his nightmares as it was again he who provided Rich with an excellent catch before a swift counter attack from an unknown source eliminated Camel Toe.
Just about to celebrate victory JD's manager Sarah Skyte looked absoultely devasted as it became clear we'd turned it around in the last seconds to seal victory.
Writing this report in hindsight means that this moment can be singled out as one of the most significant in ensuring we qualified for finals night with a week to spare. However..there was still work to be done.

The Awful Dodgers 2 Jammie D's - The Original 1

v Balls Deep

This match displayed how close the league is this season and how lucky we were to come up against the new teams earlier in the season. A glance at the league table would have made this look like one of the easiest games of the season. Especially as the previous victory had been a credit to the Premier League debutants. Despite the fact we'd never been in the same division as them before this is Balls Deep 3rd season and have embarrassed us in a One Set Wonder Night previously despite being bottom of their division. Was this defeat due to inexperience of our new players or are Balls deep our bogey team. Every sports team has one. Some bunch of duffers we just can't beat.
This game was easily winnable but somehow we let it slip through our fingers.

The Awful Dodgers 1 Balls Deep 2

v Ball Out War

Last year's champions were struggling in the league and we'd already seem them off twice however this time one of their weaker girls was missing and who do they replace her with? That's right. The un-hittable Christina Wong with a deadly arm to boot. Suddenly the teams weren't so even and the first set was quickly lost.
However a stunning performance in the 2nd set with new Canadian Brandon Davis proving he's quickly developing into a Dodgeball star meant that we went into the final set.
It was at this point and a place in final's night on the cards that my competitive spirit (and few too many beers) got the better of me. What could the team possibly need after polishing off the opposition in fine style. That's write....a drunken captain hustling his way way onto the court as a substitute...oh dear,,,in hindsight I'm embarrassed.
In my defence I didn't play too badly but maybe the disruption to the team spirit was telling. The set and match went against us. However all things consider a haul of 5 points from tonight's fixtures was a more than acceptable result.

The Awful Dodgers 1 Ball Ot War 2

Players of the week were Jill Hawker and Rachael Morris who stepped up into the Premier League seemlessly and played a lot of Dodgeball when we needed them.

Excellent effort!